About Us

Tikona Farms and Camping at Mulshi is managed by Suresh Marathe and his Family. It is spread over 3.5 acres of land with plantation of mango trees and many other types of trees. We also have rice plantation farm and vegetables farming.

Tikona Farms and Camping opened in 2013 and serves tasty meal along with some activity. We arrange get-together for 70-80 people on day package basic; from breakfast till evening snacks.

We arrange different activity such as rice Plantation, games for children, fishing in lake, Farm rides – tractor and bullock cart, Bird watching, playground for children etc.

Mulshi Area

Mulshi is an upcoming destination near Pune which is being developed as a tourist destination. Campsite location is very close to Lonavala and Konkan region. Mulshi region is full of natural beauties like the dense forests of the Sahyadri Mountain. The beautiful scenic surroundings of the untouched Sahyadri hilly terrains thus become a perfect location for a weekend picnic. Pavana and Hadshi Lake are close to Tikona Farms and Camping.

Tikona Farms Agro Tourism and Camping

Tikona Farms and Camping offers you excellent natural beauty, relaxation at the bank of Lake; explore the plantation garden area of campsite, get-together with family or friends, Tent camping and delicious Gavran meal.

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